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Change any page on your website in as little time as it takes to make coffee. With mKubed anyone can edit, publish, remove, add and promote pages on your website - no programming is required.

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Promote your company using the latest online marketing tools. Grow your sales without maxing out your free time. See who is visiting your pages, reach out to contact them and turn those leads into your newest customers.

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Know the path your site visitors take from the beginning to the end, then use that data to make your website a leaner, meaner marketing machine. Get real-time results on email campaigns, social media posts, site visits and more.

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As the manager and marketing director of a busy Supper Club with multiple daily tasks and limited time, I need efficient systems; and mKubed makes managing and distributing information virtually stress free and incredibly fast and effective. From the ability to update menu changes, images, event information and other dynamic content, our website remains current and user-friendly. Email marketing tools offer tracking and statistics that help determine how many people received, opened and followed links within the email, which is invaluable when determining effectiveness of the email campaign. And, it doesn't stop there...it gets better. For the past few months, our page placement with several competitive Google search phrases has landed us in the top 3 listings consistently, boosting our internet profile, website visits and follow through business - dramatically. How? mKubed. Why did I wait so long!!

A very happy customer...

Brunella Gaudio, General Manager
Federico's Supper Club