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mKubed has been designed to be the world's best online marketing tool kit for business. Instead of just having one marketing tool, like a content management system, an email campaign manager or a social media dashboard, mKubed is several online tools in one, all working together to bring more business for your business.

Here's an overview of what mKubed does to manage, market and measure your online marketing:
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Website Management System

Blog Marketing

CMSEliminate the hassle from being able to add, delete, edit and customize your website's content as well as key marketing pages. With our simple online editor you'll be making changes to your site in no time and improve the user experience for your site visitors. You'll be in full control of your online home.BlogUse the blog to showcase your company's expertise. You can set times to publish your blogs, embed videos and images and then with a click of your mouse send it to your social network so your customers can return to read.

Marketing Asset Manager

Calendar of Events

Marketing Asset ManagerKeep all your marketing and media files centralized and in the folders you want. Sort your photos, audio files, PDFs and videos into the categories you or your teammates create and make everyone in your organization a happy camper.Caledar of EventsSchedule your company's important milestones and share them with all of your mKubed users. Add special promotional events and then include notes, links, even videos and related media in a secure password protected environment.

YouTube Integration

Google Maps Integration

Youtube Video MarketingEmbed any video from your YouTube account painlessly in just one click. mKubed is fully integrated with the world's second-biggest search engine, allowing you to market your company automatically to an ever growing audience on YouTube.Google MapsLet your customers find the quickest route to your door by enabling the power of Google Maps. This feature allows you to use Google’s map generation API and place it anywhere on your website, allowing your site visitors to add credibility by verifying that your company has a physical address.

Page Archive

Online Image Editor

Archive marketing materialsEver wish that you had that old versions of marketing materials at your finger tips. With mKubed’s Page Archive you’ll have the last 10 versions of every page of your website safely stored away just in case you might need to refer to them.Online Image EditorPhoto resizing is made super-simple. If you want to include an image on your website but don’t have photo editor software to do it, use ours to get the job done. Changing the dimensions of an image can be done in seconds.