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mKubed has been designed to be the world's best online marketing tool kit for business. Instead of just having one marketing tool, like a content management system, an email campaign manager or a social media dashboard, mKubed is several online tools in one, all working together to bring more business for your business.

Here's an overview of what mKubed does to manage, market and measure your online marketing:
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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Social Media Communicator

This multipurpose CRM automatically enters your website contacts into a CRM. You can then add new contacts that you meet face-to-face; use your lists to create email campaigns; have employees jot notes down about their interactions with the customer; and even have the ability to see what pages they’ve visited on your website. Ever want to announce to all of your social media channels when you have a new product, webpage or blog post? Now you can: mKubed’s Social Media Communicator lets you beam your message to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn followers all at the same time.

Email Manager

QR Code Generator

Create email campaigns, preview them and then see the real-time results to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, make your next email blast convert even better with your customers. We even give you ready-to-use email templates to get the ball rolling. "Quick Response” codes are being used by more businesses everyday to grab the eyes of customers. With mKubed’s QR Generator you can make your own QR codes and have them start bringing more traffic to your website through special offers, coupons or just plain curiosity

Social Profiler for Incoming Leads

SEO Tools

Learn more about the people that visit your website through the social media footprint they create. When a lead lands on your site, the Social Profiler will look on major social networks to gather valuable information about that person or their company - what websites they like, what messages they broadcast to their circle of friends. It’s valuable intel that can be used by your sales team when engaging them. Use advanced SEO techniques to improve your site's visibility quickly and easily. Change meta tags in a snap and use the full power of Google Webmaster Tools without needing a degree in technology.