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mKubed has been designed to be the world's best online marketing tool kit for business. Instead of just having one marketing tool, like a content management system, an email campaign manager or a social media dashboard, mKubed is several online tools in one, all working together to bring more business for your business.

Here's an overview of what mKubed does to manage, market and measure your online marketing:
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Visitor ID

PathfindermKubed’s Pathfinder module has several working parts to it, with each one able to uncover and give you valuable information about who’s coming to your website and what they are doing. Grow your sales leads, learn valuable information about who’s using your site and keep boosting your results.Visitor IDThink of it as Caller ID for your website: the ability to learn who’s visiting your website, where they’re from and even what company they work for is a powerful sales automation tool. Find out immediately when your competition is looking at you and when customers are expressing interest in your business. You can even set up alerts and get notified right away when people of interest that you’ve identified come back to your website.

Website Visitor Tracking Analysis

Jigsaw Integration

Tracking the movement of your website visitors and seeing how they found the way to your website is as easy as a single mouse click. Use the data to identify potential leads and fine-tune your site’s content so your lead generation is even greater.Visitor Page Tracking AnalysismKubed is integrated with Jigsaw ©, putting the contact information for over 7 million companies - a powerful sales automation tool for finding new b2b leads - at your fingertips. When a company arrives on your website, mKubed is able to draw their contact and company information from Jigsaw’s database, giving you instant background on your visitor as well as email and phone information.


Keyword Ranking Report

HeatmapEver wonder what parts of your website your visitors are clicking on? With mKubed’s automated Heatmap you’ll see the digital fingerprints that customers leave behind and where the hot and cold spots are on your website. Use that information to optimize teh website to increase customer click-throughs and the time they are spending on your site.Get a snapshot of how your website is performing in search engines. Track the changes to your site’s content and see how your keyword rankings improve over time so you can continue to climb up the charts and tower over your competitors.
Keyword Ranking Report